The Do’s and Don’ts after an Orthopaedic Surgery

Following orthopaedic surgery comes the road to recovery. The healing process involves pain management, wound care, taking medication as prescribed, rehabilitative exercises, and other discharge instructions. As proper post-operative care is essential for a complete recovery and successful outcomes, here’s what you need to know about the dos and don’ts after an orthopaedic operation.

What Happens After an Orthopaedic Surgery?

After an orthopaedic surgery in Singapore, feeling some pain is to be expected. The pain can last for a few days or sometimes several weeks, but this is usually manageable with medications. This may be accompanied by initial swelling and bruising, which should subside with time.

However, if you experience significant pain, uncontrolled bleeding, or fever, consult your orthopaedic specialist in Singapore immediately.

What Should You Do after Surgery?

Upon your discharge from the orthopaedic surgery clinic, there are home care protocols you should follow to facilitate quicker healing. These include:

  • Keeping your wound clean – Your surgeon will provide instructions on how to clean your wound properly.
  • Taking medicines as prescribed – Medications may be prescribed to relieve pain or prevent infections, and so on.
  • Undergoing rehabilitation – Perform the exercises advised by your physiotherapist to help regain your strength and mobility.
  • Using walking aids as recommended – For people who temporarily require some form of walking aids, do so to reduce risk of injury.
  • Attending follow-up check-ups – Attend scheduled check-ups at your orthopaedic clinic in Singapore to ensure you are recovering well as intended.
What Should You Refrain from After Surgery?
  • Refrain from placing additional stress on the wound site – You may have to temporarily modify the way you move around while the wound is still healing.
  • Don’t drive and work too soon – Depending on the location and extent of the surgery, you may not be allowed to drive for a while following an orthopaedic surgery. Follow your orthopaedic specialist’s advice on when to return to work or driving.
  • Refrain from sporting activities – Refrain from sporting activities until your doctor has cleared you to do so safely.
  • Refrain from smoking – As smoking can slow healing, try not to smoke while your wound recovers.

The experience after an orthopaedic surgery is unique for every patient. Following the dos and don’ts as advised by your orthopaedic specialist is important to recover as well as possible.

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